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Today: Jan 18, 2021

Rights and Freedoms Party Program
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Change and configuration of the world 
Difficult to Change in Turkey

  • A New Social Contract
  • Parliament, Government
  • NSC and Army
  • Freedom of belief and secularism
  • Law and Jurisdiction
  • Education and Culture
  • Women Problem
  • Children and Youth
  • Community Health, Housing and Environment Policy
  • Working Life and Social Life
  • Economy
  • Foreign Policy

Who see the two world wars, the establishment and dissolution of the socialist system, the 20th witness century, a portion of the solution to the basic problems of humanity, while introducing an important section of the alignment solution ended.
When you enter a new century of humanity in the great strides in science and technology, but, according to public expectations and ideal peaceful and democratic world order has failed to establish. Our world today, the problems created by scientific and technological developments are living together. Today, developed countries benefit from a common heritage of civilization, while the less developed nations and dependent can not take advantage of this opportunity-tan enough. In this case developed, deepens the gap between underdeveloped countries. First, national borders to remove a variety of languages and cultures live together the multi-national troops (the nation-over) when directed to create a second category in the country, the basic rights and freedoms, mainly all human values are violated, society, hunger and misery to live in ethnic and religious conflicts are left to face in the future to consume.
This situation is a phenomenon that threatens the future of the world.
As a whole is still in our world arms race, regional wars and the ongoing transfer of resources an important part in this field are the heder. Undeveloped countries, the economic, technical and scientific backwardness, heavy external debt, population growth and employment, as well as shortness of famine, drought, illiteracy, racial and sectarian conflicts in the future not only of today but also lose face are found. This caused mass death and mass migration of humanity today, in case of emergency to find a solution that has become a problem.
Due to the undeveloped countries, these issues can be resolved by giving. Modern and developed countries for which they are expected pluralistic, participatory, democratic management and state systems of models for these countries need to predict. Otherwise, the universal democratic law is in effect, composed of free individuals have a social life, and it falls within a democratic and pluralistic culture can not be created that peaceful.
The progress of technology, communication Developments in the field, the international movement of capital does not recognize boundaries and authority have turned our world smaller, the problems experienced in the individual countries have made common problems. Today, arbitrary and despotic practices within national borders is to move; ethnic, cultural, sexual and class differences to try to eliminate by force, on approval of the civilized world does not collect responses. In the past, have created through the use of national boundaries, economic development and social progress has become redundant as a result human rights and freedoms has expanded the use of space.
Societies that distress and severe problems, although much of humanity, forward march, captivity and slavery from the earth to clear a channel is in progress in human rights say-secretion, individual and collective rights to use and guaranteed to connect to values such as every day more are accepted.
These developments on the one hand and the state system as a functional change in front of humanity to new horizons will open, on the one hand and the oburca unplanned industrialization, inequitable distribution and similar reasons, in developed countries, unemployment, prostitution, drug use, gangs and other community-sal disease leads.
Developed world states, all to find lasting solutions to these problems and to establish new social balances are faced with are required. First and second world war, sharing the rights and freedoms of nations and minorities who do not get the rights they continue their quest. The end of the Cold War facilitated the search for these rights; world of rapid change and restructuring process has begun.
Developed countries, ethnic and cultural issues, peaceful methods and trying to solve with a pluralistic approach, the second method the problem of denial and repression to unresolved is convicted.
In the past, some states and Turkeycreating national unity, seen as a form of unitary structure, but decomposition of unity and division today has become the elements. Contemporary societies, this move to the front, to prevent separation and division of power sharing common makes, contractionary, restrictive and repressive unitary systems are indispensable. Different languages and cultures and provide legal guarantees, the right to mother tongue education, mainly all the political and social rights are recognized. The first application of the state unitary form of government France, Italy, Spain, even in countries such as Britain had to revise this model has, instead, human rights, ethnic and cultural pluralism based systems were addressed.
Historical and political development of this formation is also true for Turkey. Unitary structure in Turkey, ethnic, cultural, linguistic pluralism, will respond to the needs, chronic is not in a position to resolve historical issues. Unitary structure, and democratic unresolved is the main reason.
Today, the name and different applications, albeit no longer the province, autonomy, federation, autonomy, etc.. management models, to live together in peace, social development and progress has become a necessity. European Union (EU), even in this state has a flexible structure of the confederation.
All these changes and transformations occurred in the world, while a non-modern Turkey insists on staying in line, the demands of the masses for freedom and democracy is severely punished. National resources to increase their production and employment, not to spend armaments. That's why Turkey, today, both inside, outside and came under heavy debt load, has been faced with major challenges.
Turkey, despite all the claims of democracy could not take the road race, the Democrats say have lost credibility because in essence totalitarian attitudes, before international public opinion can not be trusted in a position decreased. Changing the world, Turkey and return, the economy still is not able to remove the flat area. He is still the basic human rights and social pluralism and constitutional law establishing a system to ensure the field is in a remote location.
Turkey ruled those who respect human rights, pluralist democracy and the rule of law, without economic development and social peace can not be right, one foot should now see will definitely be missing. Mainly in the Kurdish problem, aiming to solve problems through denial and suppression of the policy, does not provide solutions, but rather serious problems have emerged. These policies due to the effects of militarism have entered the community, the rule of law, human rights, fundamental rights and freedoms, etc. use. about contemporary values, Turkey has remained at a level back.
Republic of Turkey states, is a party to international conventions in domestic law did not reflect; authoritarian state is the result of understanding the laws and regulations as not changed, ethnic, religious and social differences, tolerance and inter-regional disparities in the costs for volunteers did not act civilized world every day is a little more away.
Today, not to recognize the rights of the Kurds for the sake of a backward society which condemned to backwardness, to freedom of opinion and expression does not allow; problems instead of dialogue and reconciliation, social tension and conflict with the method of trying to solve an outdated concept in the government prevailed.
Rights and Freedoms Party, opposed this approach of restructuring the public sector needs and requirements of Turkey is a product of the Kurdish problem in Turkey without any problem can not be solved by faith. For this reason, the program at the center of the Kurdish problem through social compromise fair, equitable and democratic solution to meet the goal has been set, the government of Turkey, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Greece, Kosovo and other countries with minorities / communities of the defense arguments, living in Turkey for the Kurds want in the event , believes the problem will be okay.
Here the main problem is to configure and contemporary pluralist democratic pluralist democratic state administrative systems to accept is not the problem.
According to our Party, the solution of the problem and facilitate a lasting solution is possible to achieve: the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, the Paris Charter, OSCE Process, the Accession Partnership Document and the Copenhagen criteria and they also like Turkey's is a party to international conventions and treaties to be observed in case the solution of Kurdish problem Enabling path is possible.
Today, the existing system is fed from the parties, can not fulfill this task. They are the product of the warped and rotten and creative level term partners, they are managing the state since its inception. Therefore, the solution turns, but the support of the masses of the people have taken power and political power structure is receiving.
Rights and Freedoms Party, the working principle of openness to innovation and change, instead of centralized management participation, rather than submissiveness of liberalism, instead of working in solidarity and individuality paylaşımcılık has adopted.
Each individual's unique personality and has aspirations for the future. Each individual to take responsibility and to develop skills, understanding, feeling, consciousness and are equipped with the ability to think. To educate all people to improve life chances and opportunities and should have.
Value and dignity of the individual to immunity, "sine qua non" is a condition. Individual's right to life is absolute and that everything is over. In this sense, the rights of individuals to one another without violating the rights and should be treated equally in terms of law.
Rights and Freedoms Party, the individual's rights and the law tries to sit at the center of the study. Policy, who want to take active responsibility, creativity and solidarity in favor of the individual to create a society which must be made. Policy, which blunted the creativity of individuals, who directed him to obey a trend-Karlik If both individuals and society in increasingly difficult and ultimately lost both the individual and the society opens the way to the totalitarian system ignores.
Individual's creative ability and responsibility all the cultural, scientific, social and economic developments is the main source.
To this end, Rights and Freedoms Party, the individual's own life can be directed to the creation of the necessary facilities for the work. 
Rights and Freedoms PartyDifferent community sectors belonging to different opinions and thoughts on the intellectuals and politicians, the Kurdish issue is fair and equitable solution to reach the democratic rights and social freedoms of the constitution and laws guarantee to receive under the order, political and social system for restructuring an established party, the Kurdish problem peacefully, democratic and egalitarian approach through dialogue and social consensus is in favor of the solution. For the realization of this state, the Kurds and the Turkish people on the basis of equality of a federal democratic style will restructure. Our party will fight to achieve it.
Rights and Freedoms Party, his current political components limiting the regime's official ideology and practices of the damaged segment of society and the largest party in the common ground to bring together, to work, all the necessary sacrifices and efforts will show. 
society, civilization line who want to move, the rule of law in favor of the Rights and Freedoms Party, international treaties and international agreements on top of the Kurdish problem to the solution of the political parties, groups, trade unions and professional organizations, business and the forces of power that can be done as and are evaluated.
Rights and Freedoms Party, like Turkey, economic and social development in terms of lagging behind in all countries that increase poverty, resource waste, social tensions and peace be threatened, led to violent policies and armaments opposed international and regional issues in the resolution of dialogue and compromise are expected.
Rights and Freedoms Party, national oppression and domination under the freedom struggle of nations supports; the right to determine their own future in a bar none indispensable for all nations is seen as a right.
Rights and Freedoms Party, regional and international peace defends, and world peace with their neighbors predicts a Turkey. UN, OSCE, Paris Charter, the EU Accession Partnership Document and international conventions such as the Copenhagen criteria as a claim that Turkey is a party to the contract and remove reservations unfair to domestic law or to bring it into conformity.
Rights and Freedoms Party, on the principles of transparency and openness, the social peace in Turkey to prevent, development and progress in front of the Kurdish problem to be primarily blocking, aims to solve all problems.
Rights and Freedoms Party, rejects the unitary state. In the Kurdish problem to self-determination of nations to adopt in principle the right. For the solution of the problem, Turkey's Kurdish and Turkish people's equality in a way based on democratic and federal defends restructuring. 
A New Social Contract 
Turkey comply with international legal norms, pluralistic, participatory, human rights and a democratic constitution based on the rule of law are necessary. The constitution envisaged social and cultural pluralism based on the individual, grupsal and social rights and freedoms will be guaranteed.
Such a constitution, the participation of the widest sections of society and as a result of discussions will be held, the state and society to multiculturalism, multi-lingual and multi-Locker Locker more class than listening Locker restructuring democratization, civil society and the individual put forward will be working to. A state is not seen as citizens of the subjects, citizens that lead to the service. The right to be in a state.
Understanding of decentralized local governments to implement his hand, and democratization of society and the state needed to see. Local government participation and pluralism while editing will be based on universal principles. Local government structure to be autonomous.
   Political parties law and the country's election law will be revised according to the pluralist structure.
Selected managers or judicial decisions of the people outside of his dismissal legislation will be brought to prevent.
Municipal and Provincial General Councils of social pluralism and color into the appropriate institutions to be actively represented.
Education, health, internal security and local tax issues such as the autonomous local governments will be abandoned.
Municipal and Provincial representatives of the General Assembly of Local District Councils will be created.
Governors, District Governor, safety managers the ones to be determined by elections.
Emergency Regime to ensure social peace, to be issued to a constitutional institution. Village guard, special teams, all institutions such as JİTEM certainly be purged; village guard its consequences for the social benefits will be made according to rehabilitesi. "
Parliament and Government 
Current electoral system of different community sectors and local governments to parliament does not allow reflection. Our party, a democratic electoral system to change it will bring.
Parliament, which cast a shadow on the reputation, business pursuits of parliament, judicial processing of offenses, corruption, and for reasons similar to the front of immunity will be wrapped in armor; deputies because of their views and opinions of the legal basis for sanctions is envisaged will be removed.
NSC and Army
Selected assigned ineffective in the face, and today they have left the ward with the regime led to the NSC and other agencies to be issued to a constitutional institution, the military's internal security issues will prevent mixing of the military subject to civilian authority to make necessary legislative changes will be carried out.
Freedom of belief and secularism 
The current political system in Turkey is a secular form can not be mentioned. The state Religious Affairs Organization, compulsory religious instruction in schools and similar applications to intervene in the field of religion is, religion and freedom of conscience in the face of neutrality has lost some faith groups are pressuring the concession is well known to some. Therefore, a kind of state religion and the state came sect. 
To make the system truly secular state religion of the area will attract the hand. Everyone shall be free from religious belief. States will be neutral in the face of religious beliefs, what beliefs or because of any one religion, sect, and the group will be printed, nor will be granted.
The state budget allocated to the religions and sects will not spend any religious sector and to meet their expenses.
Only to ascertain the state of religious freedom and public order in terms of the requirements of the mission will make the audit.

Law and Jurisdiction 
Rights and Freedoms Party, the country a modern, democratic law to make the ruling, and equal distribution of justice without delay the necessary legal reforms to be undertaken will be studied. Under the new Constitution, all laws will be revised based on pluralism and color.
Should be made for a clean society, the judiciary's independence, integrity and security of judges will be provided.
Death penalty will be abolished altogether; claims, defense and justice and equal rights will be kept stable. Judicial-lama process will become transparent, police records and intelligence reports available for people and will be clarified. The judiciary will become civil criminal courts and military courts of competent jurisdiction in the special will be removed regulations put an end to the trial of an extraordinary period.
Education and Culture 
Knowledge and creativity, and social development in a man's life has a decisive importance. Technical and economic developments in the field of knowledge and competencies to further enhance the importance of. Of telecommunications is developing a vengeance, getting the computer at a time when common people knowledgeable and competent to bring up is an unavoidable task.
Developed in order to promote pedagogical education and training of various alternatives-masi is essential. This also increases the individual's freedom of choice.
Education policy, contrary to the principles of multiculturalism in Turkey, is racist and chauvinistic. Our party, training of these items will purify; both languages and cultures and between individuals will ensure equality of opportunity.
Citizens, education and science to ensure the possibility of benefiting from the state, education must give up the profits made material. Non-higher education and productive society, democracy can not take advantage of the facilities properly. Our party of the century in Turkey, which had suffered the neglect of the education community to raise the level of priorities, starting with the Kurds on an educational campaign is required to start.
Our party, when planning education and universal legal principles and agreements that Turkey is a party that would be based, according to Turkey's pluralist and multi-lingual nature of the right to education anadille legal and administrative arrangements to ensure the required will.
Education and training activities of the pluralistic structure of society, the private share of central budget for the appropriate development will be reserved.
Women Problem 
In Turkey, women, education, culture, politics, art and all other political and social areas is secondary. Our party, gender ideology and attitudes arising from and based on hundreds of years to change this situation for all life of the principle of positive discrimination in the areas of operation should believe.
This purpose, strengthening women's participation in social life to resolve the problem of child care, neighborhood and child care homes and nurseries in the district will be opened.
Men to women in the legal system that makes sure all laws to be changed, they needed to implement financial measures will be taken in life.
Our party is uncomfortable politics predominantly male. The place it deserves in this area of women with the necessary precautions to be taken to be, legal arrangements will be made. Violence against women, society and the individual self is due to his insecurity. Turkey society, women who offend the dignity of the active measures taken to recover from this embarrassment to women applied to all kinds of violence will be punished.
Leading to a secondary position of women in the traditions and ending position of women to bring a respectable job and career will be encouraged to see that this project required for their interest-free loans and will be provided.
Our party of women who suffered violence shelters can protect and encourage the establishment of support.
Children and Youth 
Rights and Freedoms Party, children and youth are the future of the country believes. Based on the UN Convention on Children's Rights; them a good education, a healthy life and to ensure a secure future and take any necessary legal action to fulfill. Central and local direction-time, social state as a requirement of being a poor, orphaned and street children, and they will have to be citizens of one of the measures will be useful.
Mother tongue education, the families of children and youth, environment and effective in dealing with the school and the cause of the definitive personality structure. Our party, while the application of education policies will oversee the situation.
Community Health, Housing and Environment Policy 
Rights and Freedoms Party, takes care of people the right to live healthy. One of the most important tasks of the state and its citizens equal to the contemporary health care is to take it adopts. The development of educational and preventive medicine for this purpose shall take the necessary measures.
Health insurance system covering all citizens will be created, the quality of health services in the European Union measure, the United Nations share of health spending measurement of human development will be.
Rights and Freedoms Party, a part of our country for various reasons in the reconstruction of villages were destroyed and discharged, and those who suffered loss be compensated by the return of any necessary measures to ensure the will.
Rights and Freedoms Party, appropriate and healthy housing for all people to live a healthy society is being seen as one of the basic conditions. This reputation for a contemporary reconstruction of the city and in rural areas is adopted. In this sense, the imbalance between regions believe in the necessity to resolve.
Rights and Freedoms Party, due to take place in Turkey's earthquake zone, a new law will make arrangements.
Rights and Freedoms Party, the most valuable heritage we will leave our children believe the environment. Protection of the diversity of living things, upset the natural balance to be taken to control unplanned industrialization and oburca and nature of polluting industrial waste shall take the necessary measures for prevention.
Working Life and Social Life 
Our party of social justice, equitable income distribution, working life of the productive and efficient, ensuring equality of opportunity, providing an effective guarantee for the weak in-sis of social security be sustained implement believes.
Rights and Freedoms Party, social studies, economic and social situation is not good for our in-san moves from the requirements to be given priority. Our party of life to create a society with high levels of road state, municipal and civil society organizations believe all people pass through security and support. Therefore, our party, people having their own decisions in life, basic needs and the elimination of new possibilities for creating works.
Individuals' right to education, right to healthy living, housing rights, working rights and similar rights are basic functions of life to find the social state principle. Far in Turkey "social state" concept on the contrary, have committed, the state must take priority and service is reflected as an institution.
Rights and Freedoms Party, the social state principle the best way of implementation of the rights of the citizens of the right to request from the government tries to find life.
Our party, regulating the working life, Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms European Convention for the Protection of the principles of the ILO to consider will be rearranged, with the strike, collective contractual right to trade union organization in the light of these principles will be revised.
In Turkey, for the extravagance of the economy to come to the plains; resources in areas outside the production of waste, corruption, corruption, and factionalism based on the need to stop.
Our party, the country of resources for the benefit of the wider public use, production and society's vital to the solution of the problem will be spent to make the necessary arrangements and measures will be.
Provision of public audit in this area, for the prevention of theft and partisanship in the economy and transparency of judicial supervision will be provided, giving the administration the right to act arbitrarily and implicitly grant funds will be transferred to the treasury.
Tax system will be discussed again, paid at the expense of changing the law to be operated, with giant-tin eliminate social nature laws to be amended and the tax base and spread inequalities in income distribution will be resolved.
Freedom of private initiative and lawfully working in agriculture, industry and traders' rights will be protected; fictitious exports, improper credits, public land at a discount of closure, improper bidding and I-zer is fraudulent and immoral ways, public goods and the people's money to be plundered before.
Foreign capital and technology to suit the interests of the country flow will be encouraged.
Foreign Policy 
We are the Party of Rights and Freedoms as; nations right to self-determination, national and regional problems in the solution not to use force, to stop the arms race, equality of resources and establishment of a peaceful world to spend an active policy we will walk.
Rights and Freedoms Party, to live in peace with neighboring countries and the existing problems peacefully, wants to resolve through negotiations.
The contemporary world and to become a part of the EU will take the necessary legal measures.

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